He’s a very good doctor. I moved to the Roanoke area last year and had to get all new doctors. He listens well and take good care of me.
G.I. Roanoke, Virginia | February 2019

I have been so pleased with the outstanding care and the compassion of Dr. Fletcher Matthews. Ever since I began seeing him, my health issues have disappeared. He takes time to patiently answer all my questions and concerns. Skillfully and effectively he helped to fix my kidney issues. I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking a nephrologist.
— S.S. Virginia | November 2018.

I am pleased with the dedication of Dr Matthews and dealing with my disease. He’s very caring and always there for you, when needed. Spend 7 days in Lewis Gale and he was there every morning to make changes needed and get things correct. Would highly recommend him to be your doctor.
— C.B. Rocky Mt. Virginia | November 2018

Dr. Matthews was assigned to me in the ER at Lewis Gale Hospital (May 30, 2017). I have appreciated his knowledge and attitude. He was on top on one of my problems with sodium.
— R.M. Roanoke, VA |October 2018

One of the best doctors I ever had. Best bedside manner and explaining things to understand.
— L.E. West Virginia | May 2018

Staff friendly and efficient. Dr. Matthews is very kind and intelligent.
— C.C. Roanoke VA | May 2018

Dr. Matthews is great! I would recommend him to anyone.
— V.C. West Virginia | May 2018

Like his attitude and his way of giving information.
— L.F. Salem, VA | May 2018

Dr. Matthews, in my opinion, is a very knowledgeable individual. He knows his profession and likewise his patients. He is also very patient and polite to his patients.
— A.D. Vinton, VA | April 2018

Since coming to see Dr. Matthews, my health has improved 100% Dr Matthews has a great beside manner.
— L.N. Roanoke, VA | March 2018

Dr. Matthews is very thorough, listens and answers all the questions to you have. He mannerism is great. Nice Man. His staff is great!!
— M.M. Moneta, VA | February 2018

Dr. Matthews has been a very caring doctor. Has a lot of compassion and takes time to answer my questions. The staff has been very friendly and takes time to answer questions also and very caring. This has been a very scary trying time for me and coming here has been a blessing and I appreciate this office and staff so much.
J.M. Roanoke, VA | July 2017

I think Dr. Matthews is such a great doctor. He is kind and caring when I am in the hospital. He is always the first doctor to come and see me. I RECOMMEND him to everyone.
M.T. Roanoke, VA | July 2017

Dr. Matthews and staff go above and beyond to provide excellent care. Have always been able to drop in if necessary. I would not want to see any other nephrologist! Dedicated and knowledgeable.
F.W. Roanoke, VA | July 2017

I am a long term patient of Dr. Fletcher Matthews going back around 15 years. He was always a good man and a wonderful doctor. He gives his patients plenty of time for asking questions and honest, open info so I can be part of my own well-being.
T.W. Roanoke, VA | July 2017

I have been a patient of Dr. Matthews for over a year. He takes time to talk and explain to me what is going on and what I need to do for myself. His staff is very courteous and helpful regarding my appointment times. I have never had to wait beyond my appointment time for my visit with Dr. Matthews. Very important since I am working a full-time job.
A.S. Roanoke, VA | July 2017

Before visiting Dr. Matthews I had lost hope. I have been feeling bad for quite a while. My cardiologist made an appointment with Dr. Matthews. I was shocked at how quickly test were done. His interest and receiving relief after a stint was placed in left kidney. I felt relief immediately. Feeling better are words however I do feel BETTER. Thank you is not enough.
M.F. Boones Mill, VA | June 2017

I highly recommend Dr. Matthews on my behalf to anyone for his kind and concern for my health, taken time to explain to me abouth everything I wanted to know. Also the staff and nurses were wonderful. I would refer him to anyone. Thanks for everything!
G.T. Floyd, VA | May 2017

Dr Matthews got through to me, when no other physicians could. My A1C has dropped from a 9 to 6.7 in a 3 month period! I have lost weight and feel better than I have in years! The diabetic neuropathy in my feet from the diabetes has resolved. Dr Matthews is awesome!!! Thank you for all your care and concern for me and my health.
P.B. Salem V.A. | April 2017

I just wanted to thank Dr. Matthews for doing all he could for my dad. He never gave up on him and he never lost the compassion. We lost dad May 28, 2016 but not due to Dr. Matthews ever giving up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our family will never forget all you did for dad. God bless you now and always.
C.W. Covington, VA | Jan 2017

I am grateful for Dr. Matthews honesty and directness. Follow his recommendations! He is brilliant and excellent kidney specialist in Southwest Virginia.
Grateful S.W. Roanoke, VA | Aug 2016

AMAZING. I have been a nephrology (kidney) patient for 30 years and now I feel that I have a Dr. who takes an interest in me. Not Going Anywhere Else!
B.M. Lynchburg, VA | Jun 2016

If you want to be treated appropriately see Dr. Fletcher Matthews, the one and only Brilliant kidney doctor. Honest and direct.
Satisfied patient | Jun 2016

Prompt treatment. Good information concerning test. My office visits are pleasant experience.

A. Maldini | May 2016 

I personally would highly recommend Southwest Virginia Nephrology Dr. Fletcher Matthews, as I feel like a person not a number. I have been with another nephrology group in the valley and the care and treatment with that group could not compare.
S.M.K. Roanoke, VA | Mar 2016

I believe Dr. Matthews is a dedicated physician and the practice treated me with the utmost professional knowledge. They are always available to address my concerns.
Satisfied patient | Jan 2016

Dr. Matthews has gotten my blood pressure lowered when no one else could. I have been very pleased with the care I have received.
T.O. Roanoke, VA | Jan 2016

Gifted doctor!!! Dr. Fletcher Matthews is a gifted doctor of diverse extra-ordinary skills … who can turn-around a “stubborn” patient (like my husband) who doesn’t want to see a doctor whom he can’t trust. …but he did see Dr. Fletcher for his “high-blood pressure problem. Now, my husband is happy, that his high-blood pressure is under-controlled and he is compliant with his medication…hence, we speak very favorably of Dr. Fletcher Matthews to be a “miracle” nephrologist!! Thank you, Dr. Matthews. Be proud of your honesty and professionalism.
Sonya | Aug 2013

A doctor you want to follow wherever he goes. He cured my friend who was having a high blood pressure for a long time. Dr. Matthews is a top notch physician. Thank you for saving my friend!!!
Satisfied patient | Aug 2013

Great Doctor! I had massive heart attack. Was flown to Roanoke VA Doctor Fletcher took care of me. He had never seen me but treated me as if I was his patient. He made me comfortable and put me at peace I wasn’t scared anymore. He explained everything to my husband and I. I just fell in love with him and my husband also. I asked if he would be my DOCTOR and he said yes. My husband would drive total of 4 1/2 hours to see him I think he is the greatest Doctor I have ever had. And trust is a big issue with me. I trusted him with my life. I highly recommend him were ever he goes.
Donna & Eddie | Aug  2013

Brilliant and a miracle doctor!!! Dr. Matthews is a brilliant, compassionate, and caring physician. He takes care of his patients and loved by his patients who understood him for what he believes is for the betterment of his patients. He is straightforward and always gives the right diagnosis. Thank you, Dr. Matthews for the time and opportunity you have rendered me. Your healing hands are truly a miracle and a gift!!!!
Satisfied patient | Jun 2013

Very good service. Always on time. Take time to talk to you

Dr. Matthews and staff have demonstrated a knowledge and professional attitude. I find it a pleasure to be a patient.

I am satisfied with the service of Dr. Matthews medical office. They are always courteous, efficient, and friendly. Info given is always helpful. Good instructions.

Disclaimer: Prospective kidney patients may not perceive the same experience or obtain similar results